The library has an index card file to New Brunswick’s birth, marriage and death records for the following:

  • Births: 1882 -1963
  • Marriages: 1915 -1984
  • Deaths: 1924 -1970

The index cards have limited details. Birth and Death index cards simply have the person's name and the date of the birth or death. Marriage cards only have the groom's name and the date of the marriage. These cards are grouped by years, and within those years they are in alphabetical order by the last name. To search through these files, visit the Vital Stats search engine.

The library does not have any vital statistic records beyond the index file. For copies of birth, marriage or death certificates, please see the City of New Brunswick’s Department of Social Services Health and Vital Statistics web page or call 732-745-5018 for Vital Statistics.

If what you need is not available through the City of New Brunswick, you may want to search on the state level. The State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services has a useful Vital Records page. The NJ State Library also has a helpful Genealogy and Local History page.