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On October 5 & 6, 2007, the non-profit group StoryCorps visited the New Brunswick Free Public Library to help us capture an oral history of New Brunswick. Local residents who grew up in New Brunswick came to the library to tell us about their experiences living in our community. During the two-day period, interviewers logged approximately 10 hours of interviews with 14 residents. Their stories are varied and span several decades.

Funding for the StoryCorps program at the Library was provided by Magyar Bank Foundation, the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission, and the Kiwanis Club of New Brunswick. The library thanks these generous orgaizations, StoryCorps, and our local residents for helping us preserve valuable information about our community. For more information about StoryCorps, please visit:

We hope you enjoy learning about New Brunswick from the people who have lived here. If you have any questions about this project, please contact the New Brunswick Free Public Library at or 732-745-5108, ext. 20.

To hear selected audio clips from the interviews, please click on the grey play button underneath each portrait. If you would like to listen to the full interviews, please ask at the Reference Desk for the StoryCorps DVDs. You cannot take the DVDs out of the building, but we invite you to use one of our workstations in the Reference Room. Please note that you must bring your own headphones in order to listen to the DVDs.

Photo of Anne Manley and Samantha Sterner
Portrait of Anne Manley (right)
Interviewed by Samantha Sterner, granddaughter (left)
Buccleuch Park
Getting a Library Card
Growing up During the Great Depression
Photo of Barnett and Diane Hoffman
Portrait of Barnett Hoffman (left)
Interviewed by Diane Hoffman, wife (right)
Downtown New Brunswick
The New Brunswick Swimming Pool
Race Relations in New Brunswick
High Schools and Sports Teams
Photo of Cecilia Claflen and Daniel Littlewood
Portrait of Cecilia Claflen (right)
Interviewed by Daniel Littlewood of StoryCorps (left)
New Brunswick in the 1920s
World War II
Getting Married During World War II
New Brunswick Free Public Library
Photo of Elizabeth and Peter Garlatti
Portrait of Elizabeth Garlatti (right)
Interviewed by Peter Garlatti, son (left)
New Brunswick's Diverse Population
Driving Lessons in the Cemetary
The Mayor's Daughter
Photo of Henry and LeeAnn Smith
Portrait of Henry Smith (left)
Interviewed by LeeAnn Smith, daughter-in-law (right)
Teenage Years During the Great Depression
Attending the Public Schools
Neilson Football Field
Photo of Joan Suber and John Lane
Portrait of Joan Suber (right)
Interviewed by John Lane, cousin (left)
The New Brunswick Community
Schools and Jobs
Downtown New Brunswick
Photo of Joseph Homoki and Rose Gorman
Portrait of Joseph Homoki (right)
Interviewed by Rose Gorman of StoryCorps (left)
Memories of Hungary & World War II
Coming to New Brunswick
Finding Work and Learning English
Photo of Lena Lovett and Loretta Keels
Portrait of Lena Lovett (left)
Interviewed by Loretta Keels, sister (right)
Childhood in New Brunswick
How New Brunswick Has Changed
Siblings and Family Holidays
Photo of Lloyd Vela and Bill Hamilton
Portrait of Lloyd Vela (left)
Interviewed by Bill Hamilton, friend and classmate (right)
Cars and Adventures
Hooverville at Six Mile Run
Pronunciation of Buccleuch Park
Photo of Marie Borbely and Daniel Littlewood
Portrait of Marie Borbely (left)
Interviewed by Daniel Littlewood of StoryCorps (right)
Buccleuch Park
New Brunswick Neighborhoods
Photo of Marilyn Herod and Daniel Littlewood
Portrait of Marilyn Herod (left)
Interviewed by Daniel Littlewood of StoryCorps (right)
Soul Food and History of Slavery
Slavery and the Underground Railroad
Photo of Stephanie and Jennifer Kurowsky
Portrait of Stephanie Kurowsky (left)
Interviewed by Jennifer Kurowsky, daughter (right)
Growing Up in New Brunswick
Commercial Avenue
Photo of Thomas Jennings and Rose Gorman
Portrait of Thomas Jennings (right)
Interviewed by Rose Gorman of StoryCorps (left)
Being African-American
Playing Piano
Photo of William and Kelly Manley
Portrait of William Manley (left)
Interviewed by Kelly Manley, granddaughter
New Brunswick Yesterday
New Brunswick Then and Now
New Brunswick Today

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